The second annual Chapel Hill Normativity Workshop will be held in Chapel Hill on March 15 — 17, 2019.

The workshop aims to provide a forum for stimulating and constructive exchange among philosophers currently working on issues concerning normativity, broadly construed to include: the traditional questions of metaethics (and analogous questions about other normative domains); theories of reasons, rationality and reasoning; the semantics and pragmatics of normative language; the psychology of normative judgment; and the nature of epistemic normativity. The hope is to showcase cutting-edge work in these and related areas, providing speakers with useful feedback, and other participants with lively presentations and conversation.

There will be seven talks in total, six of which will be filled via open call and selected through anonymous review, plus a keynote address by Julia Markovits (Cornell). We’re also pleased to announce that papers accepted to this year’s Workshop will be eligible for publication in a special issue of Philosophical Studies.

We very much hope you’ll join us in sunny and beautiful Chapel Hill this spring for the Workshop’s second year. In addition to excellent presentations, there will be plenty of opportunities for socializing with fellow normativity folks at a selection of Chapel Hill’s lovely restaurants and bars during each night of the event.

Event Location: UNC Department of Philosophy, Caldwell Hall, 240 East Cameron, Chapel Hill, NC

Many thanks to the UNC Philosophy Department and the Parr Center for Ethics for their support of this event.